Wendy Beth Lombardi

Sweet Adeline of the Year


Awarded to Wendy Beth Lombardi

It is our great pleasure to announce Wendy Lombardi as our 2022-2023 Sweet Adeline of the Year.
Throughout the pandemic and beyond it has been Wendy’s creativity and talent that has helped Shades of Harmony shine and be the amazing chorus we have today!

Wendy Alexander, Sweet Adeline of the Year 2023From winning Region 19 ‘s Parody Contest a few years ago with her video entry “Baby Got Bling,” to being the point person from Shades of Harmony as we co-host the upcoming Atlantic Bay Mountain Region 19 Competition, it is Wendy who has put Shades of Harmony’s name on the map in front of the entire Region.
Wendy is a step-up kind of person and is always volunteering to handle many projects. She has even taken on time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks such as building Riser Boxes in her backyard in 90-degree heat and has even stored costumes in her home while Costume Chair.

She complied many videos during the Pandemic including a hilarious Variety Show Finale putting a fun spin on the top reasons to be a member of Shades of Harmony and also recorded and edited several Virtual Quartet videos including one with her very favorite holiday song “Nutcracker Jingles.”
She also loves to play the sleigh bells when Shades of Harmony goes caroling during the holiday season! And she keeps the rhythm going while playing the “cups” in the song “When I’m Gone.” A song that Shades of Harmony sings that is adapted from the movie “Pitch Perfect.”

Wendy is an exceptional Bass. A strong singer and essential to the sound of our Bass section. She is also a member of Shades of Harmony’s very own award-winning quartet “Voices Carry” which won the honor of being named the 2022 Novice Quartet in last year’s Region 19 Competition. She is an Amazing Bass!

She always goes above and beyond even though she is crazy busy and does so with grace and humor. She is a great person, always there to listen and offer advice. She is supportive and always has a nice word of encouragement to say.

The amount of time she’s spent attending meetings and collaborating with The Annapolis Blend as we co-host the upcoming regional competition in Lancaster is admirable. She’s stepped up and put the effort in that’s needed for us to be informed and organized going into this endeavor. She is sharing her organizational skills and creativity along with her amazing ability to stay level-headed in the face of problems for our collective benefit.

She is MOST deserving to be Shades of Harmony’s Sweet Adeline of the Year!

Congratulations, Wendy. We love you! ??

About the Sweet Adeline of the Year (SAY) Award

Each year the chorus selects a member to be Sweet Adeline of the Year. The SAY is the woman who has done the most to help the chorus in the past year. The nominee must have been a member of the chorus for a full year, and cannot have received the award in the past.

Past winners include:
2007 Terry Scaruzzi and Chris Foley
2008 Sandy Biggs
2009 Betty Haynie
2010 Lori Ludlum
2011 Lynne Richardson
2012 Evelyn Donnachie
2013 Joanne Miksit
2014 Sandra Smith
2015 Karen Bonin
2016 Maureen Wynkoop
Linda Ewing
Jeanne Cekala
Nancy Burns
Melissa Guzman
Carole Michaels